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Introducing the Early Years Foundation Stage Online Course!

Are you eager about improving the lives of young children? Do you want to make a significant difference in their early years? There is no need to look any further! The Early Years Foundation Stage bundle course is proudly presented by us. This complete Early Years Foundation Stage bundle is intended to provide educators and parents with the information and resources necessary to support and encourage a child's early development.

The Early Years Foundation Stage bundle course will teach you all you need to know about child development. You will gain knowledge on ADHD, autism, mental health, safeguarding, Special Educational Needs Coordinators in Early Years Settings, and much more.

Our exclusive Early Years Foundation Stage bundle is created with these following courses:

  1. EYFS Teaching Diploma
  2. Early Years Level 4
  3. Level 2 Behaviour Management in the Early Years
  4. Level 5 Diploma for the Early Years Senior Practitioner
  5. Attachment Theory in the Early Years
  6. Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Health and Social Care and Early Years and Childcare Settings
  7. Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health in the Early Years
  8. Level 3 Award for Special Educational Needs Coordinators in Early Years Settings
  9. Primary Teaching Diploma
  10. ADHD Awareness Course
  11. Autism Diploma
  12. Level 2 Safeguarding Children Training Course
  13. Paediatric First Aid

Our Early Years Foundation Stage bundle course is lectured by industry professionals. They contribute their knowledge, ideas, and real-world experience to ensure you obtain the best education possible. Our course is available 24/7, allowing you to study at your own speed and from the comfort of your own home. This Early Years Foundation Stage bundle course may fit into your schedule whether you are a busy mom, a working professional, or an aspiring educator.

After successfully completing the Early Years Foundation Stage bundle course, you will be given an identified certification, proving your knowledge in the field of early childhood teaching. This qualification can help you advance professionally.

Don't pass up this chance to have a positive influence in the lives of a child. Enrol in the Early Years Foundation Stage bundle course right now. Begin a rewarding path of developing young minds for a better tomorrow.


Module 01: Introduction to EYFS
Module 02: Importance of Early Years in Development
Module 03: EYFS Teaching Techniques
Module 04: Curriculum for EYFS Teaching
Module 05: Working as an EYFS Teacher
Module 06: Promoting Learning and Development
Module 07: Children Having Special Education Needs or Disabilities
Module 08: Parents’ Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage
Module 09: Welfare Requirements
Module 10: The EYFS Educational Philosophies and Privileges
Module 11: Registration, Inspection, and Quality Improvement
Module 12: EYFS Framework in 2021
Module 13: Finding Work as an EYFS Teacher

Module 01: Supporting the Emotional and Physical Well-being of Children
Module 02: Equality, Diversity and Professional Partnerships
Module 03: Health and Safety Legislation
Module 04: Observations, Assessments and Planning
Module 05: Safeguarding Children
Module 06: The Early Years Foundation Stage
Module 07: Managing in a Nursery Environment
Module 08: Engaging in Professional Development

Module 01: Factors Affecting Behaviours
Module 02: Learning Styles
Module 03: The Role of the Adult
Module 04: Positive Behaviour Strategies

Module 01: Manage Care Routines for Children
Module 02: Lead Practice in Promoting Well-being and Resilience in Children
Module 03: Model Positive Behaviour in the Early Years
Module 04: Lead Activities, Experiences and Educational Opportunities to Promote Children’s Speech, Language and Communication
Module 05: Understand Holistic Child Development from Birth to 7 Years
Module 06: Develop and Implement Policies and Procedures to Support the Safeguarding of Children
Module 07: Develop Health and Safety and Risk Management Policies, Procedures and Practices in Early Years Settings
Module 08: Supporting Children With Special Educational Needs and Disability in an Early Years Setting
Module 09: Work in Partnership in Early Years Settings
Module 10: Lead and Manage a Team Within an Early Years Setting

Module 01: Attachment Theory
Module 02: Putting it into Practice

Module 01: Principles of Food Safety When Providing Food and Drink for Individuals

Module 01: Understand Mental Health for Young Children in the Early Years
Module 02: Understand the Significance of Attachment and Adverse Childhood Experiences for Young Children in the Early Years
Module 03: Understand the Role of the Early Years Practitioner Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing for Young Children in the Early Years

Module 01: Roles and Responsibilities of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator in the Early Years
Module 02: Strategies and Techniques for Supporting Children and Families

Module 01: Primary Education in the UK
Module 02: Responsibilities, Qualifications and Skills
Module 03: Initial Teacher Training
Module 04: Types of Schools in the UK
Module 05: Importance of Early Years in Development
Module 06: EYFS Teaching Techniques
Module 07: Teaching Primary English
Module 08: Teaching Primary Mathematics
Module 09: Teaching Primary Science, Design and Technology
Module 10: Teaching Other Primary Subjects
Module 11: Children Having Special Education Needs or Disabilities
Module 12: EYFS Framework in 2021
Module 13: Self-Management and Dealing with Stress

Module 01: Overview of ADHD
Module 02: The Experience of Treatment and Care for ADHD
Module 03: Families and ADHD
Module 04: Psychological Interventions for Children with ADHD in Educational Settings and Parent Training
Module 05: ADHD and Attention Difficulties
Module 06: Cognitive Approaches in ADHD
Module 07: The Organisation of Care for ADHD

Module 01: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Module 02: Approaches to Helping People and Children with Autism
Module 03: Diagnosis of Autism
Module 04: Communication
Module 05: Cognitive Styles and Functions in Autism
Module 06: Autistic Behaviour
Module 07: Organisation Systems with Autistic Individuals
Module 08: Autism Awareness
Module 09: Government Policies on Autism in England

Module 01: Basic Knowledge of Children Safeguarding
Module 02: Children and the Law
Module 03: Legislation and Policies That Surround Safeguarding Children
Module 04: Child Abuse & Its Types
Module 05: Responding to Disclosure
Module 06: The Role of Health and Other Professionals

Module 01: Paediatric First Aid: An Overview
Module 02: Principles & Role of a First Aider
Module 03: First Aid Basics
Module 04: Assessing the Situation and Provide Assistance
Module 05: Conducting CPR
Module 06: Tackling Common Illnesses, Injuries and Incidents
Module 07: Combat Severe Medical Situations through First Aid
Module 08: How to Face the Crisis?


Course Reviews

Emma Thompson
Read More
I recently purchased the course bundle offered by this platform, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The variety of courses included in the bundle covers all the essential topics I needed to learn. It's like having a comprehensive education at my fingertips!
Marcus White
Read More
This course bundle is an incredible value for the price. I was amazed by the depth of knowledge covered across the different courses. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, there's something for everyone in this bundle.
Alyssa Johnson
Read More
I've been eyeing this course bundle for a while, and I finally took the jump, and I'm so glad I did. The courses complement each other perfectly, providing a well-rounded education on the topic. Plus, the convenience of having all the courses in one bundle is amazing.
Jordan Lee
Read More
As someone with a busy schedule, I appreciate the flexibility of this course bundle. I can access the courses anytime, anywhere. The content is engaging and easy to follow, making learning enjoyable and efficient.
Sophia Martinez
Read More
If you're serious about this field, look no further than this course bundle. The quality is top-notch, and the variety of courses ensures that you get a full understanding of the subject matter. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to invest in their education.

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