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How to Become an Exam Invigilator

Penelope Turner

Publish Date: 2 May 2024

Have you ever sat in an exam hall and noticed the watchful presence of the invigilator? If you’ve ever been interested in the important role of ensuring fairness, you’re in the right place. Becoming an invigilator is more than just overseeing exams. 

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know to become a successful invigilator. Whether you’re new to the role or looking to refine your skills, prepare to learn the ins and outs of exam supervision. We’ll cover the responsibilities of the role, tips for creating a calm exam environment, and the key skills you’ll need to excel. 

Understanding the Role of an Exam Invigilator

The exam hall is usually quiet, with students concentrating and invigilators keeping watch. But being an invigilator involves more than just watching. It’s about making sure the exam is fair and secure for everyone. Here, we will explain what invigilators do and why their role is important.

  • Maintaining Examination Integrity: Invigilators act as the primary safeguard against cheating during the exam. They must also maintain strict protocols to prevent unauthorised communication or material access.

  • Ensuring Order and Efficiency: They are responsible for the smooth running of the exam. These include distributing and collecting materials, managing breaks, and addressing potential disruptions.

  • Confidentiality Champions: Exam security depends heavily on invigilators. They ensure the safekeeping of exam papers before, during, and after the testing period.

  • Professional Support for Students: Invigilators maintain professional behaviour but also provide a source of support for students. This can involve answering procedural questions and fostering a focused, calm environment. 

By understanding these roles, you can gain a valuable perspective on the professional nature of exam invigilation. 

How to become an Exam Invigilator


    How to become an Exam invigilator?

    Becoming an invigilator means you need to ensure a fair and stress-free student environment. Moreover, this role offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the education system. Also, you can maintain a flexible schedule. But how exactly do you take that first step on your invigilation journey? The following steps might help you get a solid understanding of how to become an exam invigilator:

    Step 1: Enhance your qualities 

    While formal qualifications aren’t always mandatory, some key qualities will make you a strong candidate:

    • Impeccable Integrity: Maintaining exam fairness is important. A high ethical compass is essential.
    • Eagle-Eyed Awareness: A keen eye for detail helps you spot potential irregularities.
    • Calm Under Pressure: Exam environments can be tense. The ability to remain composed is crucial.
    • Clear Communication: Instructing students and addressing concerns requires clear and concise communication.
    • Teamwork Player: You’ll likely collaborate with other invigilators. The ability to work effectively as part of a team is important.

    Step 2: Finding Your Invigilation Opportunity

    Now it’s time to find your first invigilation role! Here are some avenues to explore:

    • Schools and Universities: Contact local schools, colleges, or universities directly to inquire about invigilation opportunities.
    • Exam Boards: Some exam boards recruit invigilators directly. Check their websites for job postings.
    • Recruitment Agencies: Recruitment agencies specialising in education roles may have invigilation positions available.
    • Online Job Boards: Search online job boards using keywords like “invigilator” or “exam officer.”

    Step 3: Perfecting Your Application

    When applying for invigilation positions, highlight your relevant skills and experiences. Emphasise your strong work ethic, integrity, and ability to follow instructions meticulously.By following these steps diligently, you’ll soon become a respected invigilator. 

    How much do invigilators get paid?

    In the UK, the average annual income for an exam invigilator is roughly £21,795, which equates to around £11.18 per hour. Those new to the sector may anticipate a starting pay of around £20,771, while seasoned experts can make up to £25,374 per year.

    Salary ranges

    The salary rate for exam invigilators might vary greatly based on numerous factors:

    • Location: Rates tend to be higher in larger cities or locations with a higher cost of living.
    • Experience: Seasoned invigilators may command a higher hourly pay than those fresh to the job.
    • Institution: Universities and colleges frequently provide better salary rates than secondary schools.


    Being an invigilator allows you to offer students a fair and stress-free exam environment. Its flexible hours and focus on attentiveness make it a great fit for those seeking a fulfilling part-time position. The key qualities of a successful invigilator are patience, care, and a commitment to maintaining exam regulations. By following these skills above, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a valuable asset in any exam setting. Then start your invigilation journey today!

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